Our Story

Our Family moved to the beautiful Okanagan in 2014. We had lost my husband in a car accident in 2012 and were in need of a fresh start and a new chapter to our story. We were only here 6 months before my parents phoned up and said, “We’re coming too!”. Family is everything to me. I am surrounded by the support of not only my parents and sisters family, but my in-laws as well.

Life has thrown us some curve balls which have been a strong realization to do what makes you happy. When Green&Bear It came into my path I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It has been a dream of mine for a very long time to have my own shop. I couldn’t have even considered this venture without the ongoing support and encouragement of my family and friends.

We are excited to be part of the Upper Mission Community and really hope you like what we are doing with this much loved Gift shop!!

Please stop by and say hi when you’re in the neighbourhood!!

The Larson Crew